25 Essential Free iPhone Apps for e-Learners

March 15, 2010

e-Learners might learn faster and more efficiently with iPhone apps that are both free and easy to use. If you are a self-starter, an online student or simply a person who loves to continue learning, you might gain satisfaction from apps that can help you to learn a new language or help you stay on top of science and world news. Additionally, some apps offer organizational tools that can replicate and synchronize with your desktop, making your time away from home more productive.

From research to languages and from organizational abilities to the basic maths and sciences, iPhone has an app for it all. The following list of 25 free iPhone apps for e-learners offers the most basic and essential tools for anyone who wants to learn on the go — and, these apps can prove essential in earning your online degree or in obtaining a job once you’ve earned your degree.

The list below is categorized, and each app is linked to a page at Apple app store or to the company that produces the free app. The links are listed alphabetically by the app name within each category.


The research room at the New York Public Library.

  1. Associated Press: Get the news anytime and anywhere from the AP news agency that is everywhere at once. Use this app to stay on top of news as well as to learn more about various topics from a local to international level.
  2. iDictionary: Enter any word to get definitions from up to 16 dictionaries at once. Tap once to expand long definitions, and tap again to close the search. The new version has searched word linked to the Thesaurus and to a Rhymes app.
  3. iQ Mobile Search: Use this app to find answers through popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Amazon.com, eBay, Wikipedia, Flickr and more. Country support available for Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States.
  4. Powerset Wikipedia Search: Use this free app to enter keywords, phrases or questions and find answers to your search at Wikipedia articles. This app also enhances Wikipedia articles with features that help you read the article, and an outline helps you to navigate directly to the section you need within that article.
  5. Reader: Recoded from scratch, this new eBook reader app functions completely offline. Open Reader, sync with your account and launch books instantly. All of your books are always available on your book shelf and can be easily opened with a single touch.
  6. uGuX Multi Search Engine: Type a search query, then select a search engine. This app provides users with multiple ways to find the answer to a query.


Some of the areas of the brain involved in language processing.

  1. Five A Day: Improve your vocabulary by practicing five words per day. This app improves listening, speaking, reading and writing as well.
  2. Instant Translate: Translate Spanish, French, Italian, German, and more to and from English instantly as you type. The translation appears as you type without a need to press a button.
  3. Learn 10: power up your language: This app is updated daily with 10 new words to learn in up to 20 different languages. Listen to videos and recordings from native speakers, play a score game that you can post to their scoreboard.
  4. Mobile Glot Translation Dictionary: This free translation dictionary was designed exclusively for the iPhone. it contains the ability to translate six languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Swedish, along with spelling suggestions, verb conjugations and top 10 lists.
  5. Spanish V: Learn five basic Spanish words per day, including numbers, animals, body parts and much more.
  6. Translate2Go: If you can get online, you can translate using LEC’s browser-based online translation service. Fast, easy, affordable translation of documents, emails, web pages, blogs, and instant messages (IM) in 21 languages is as close as the Internet.

Organization and Productivity

Comparison of average total productivity levels between the OECD member states.

  1. Evernote: Use this tool to take photos of white boards, business cards and other objects or simply use it to store notes and recordings and synchronize all this information with your Mac or Windows desktop.
  2. Google Mobile: Use this app to gain access to maps, search, Gmail, YouTube, Buzz and many more Google tools. It’s like having your desktop on your phone.
  3. Noter2: This amazing little app allows users to create, share, email and sync notes between users and other computers. Manage appointments, notes and more with this simple application.
  4. Voice Memos: You don’t need to look far for this app, as it comes standard with iPhones. This is a top-drawer voice recorder for notes or lectures, and you can transfer all the audio onto your computer.
  5. Zoho Office Suite: This app offers six online applications including email, calendar, word processor, spreadsheet and presentation and database applications for the iPhone.

Sciences and Math

Velocity-distribution data of a gas of rubidium atoms.

  1. Analog Scientific Calculator: This retro calculator replicates the Mannheim Slide Rule used by scientists, engineers and students for over a century.
  2. Chemical Elements: View all the chemical elements in two interfaces with general features of all the elements included.
  3. iFXRates Currency Conversion Calculator: Use this app to calculate currency conversion rates between the most popular currencies. Calculate currency conversion rates between the most popular currencies.
  4. Physics Dictionary: Tap into definitions and meanings of common terms. A quick reference which is useful for Physics exams and tests.
  5. PhysOrg.com Science and Technology News: Learn about physics, earth science, medicine, nanotechnology, electronics, space, biology, chemistry, computer sciences, engineering, mathematics and other sciences and technologies through this powerful free app.
  6. Scientific Calculator: This easy-to-use calculator contains advanced functions — cosine, sine, tangent, square root, exponents and more.
  7. Unit Converter: This app contains the most common units of measurement used in the United States and Europe, for area, speed, distance, temperature, volume and more.
  8. Weighted Attribute Balance Evaluator: This app allows users to make decisions based upon comparative analysis by listing weighting or valuing pros and cons on a single grid.

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