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September 2009

As Twitter has made its impression on every sphere of life and professionals from every sphere of life are Tweeting on it. Field of education and especially, teachers, are one of the largest community using it intensively. Below are some famous tools which teacher can use for their benefit while on Twitter:

This is on one of the most popular Twitter applications that can be used by anyone irrespective of their profession and area of working. However, for teachers it plays significant role to remain connected with students for communication and teaching purposes. It helps one to be connected across Twitter, Facebook and other utilities. It is an Adobe Air Desktop application.

Twit Tangle

This tool is very helpful for teachers as they can rate their students as well as their friends and associates on basis of merit and put some of the best on the top to have quick and easy communication with the selected list.  More, this tool can offer is the selected list of filtered tweets which are more important to you than any other things.

As teacher when you are delivering something important to your students as in form of tweets and at the same time students being sometimes careless may not lose instructions provided by you, can have backup of your Tweets at TweetBackup that provide great utility in time of emergency. This application restores daily backup of the Tweets.

Email Twitter

Using this utility Twitter updates can be send out on email with the respective post.

After using itweetreply the direct replies are send to your email in real time without absorbing much time. It is developed with objective to inform you through a notification any activity about you on Twitter.

This application is provided with objective of maintaining multiple accounts so as to keep distinction between educational and personal accounts. Apart from its utility for educational purposes it can also be used for monitoring a brand.  As functionality, it puts all your account at a place then follows contact’s tweet in an easy manner.

This tool is provided with utilities to read out all of your tweets in efficient and fast way at a single interface. As its stripped down page is specifically is designed for Mobile phones to manage Twitter account with ease on a portable device.