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July 2009

The rise in internet usage has seen the development of a range of applications for use over this medium. There exist desktop clients which one can use for web surfing without necessarily opening up their browser. These desktop clients have the advantage of aggregating quite a lot of functionalities in your web operations for example saving your searches and comparison of different information sources. There are also web based applications such as Netvibes and the iGoogle sites which can be used over the internet channels to post to a lot of online services as well as bookmark newsworthy features and receive blog RSS or atom feeds.

For information which is posted over online social communities like Twitter one can use a search facility to filter the results which they want thus facilitating themselves with relevant data for their study. These facilities offer real time search features which help the user obtain the most current information on the item for which they are searching. Twazzup is a most formidable feature in this sense getting real time feeds from the Twitter timeline on the information desired. Twazzup has a nice interface that is quite friendly to the user and does not necessarily require registration.

Digg is a social bookmarking feature that is used for the sharing of interesting links and news-worthy information. A user registers to this service giving their bio and interests and the service matches up people who have the same interests as your own. The user is thus able to keep tabs on the latest information coming up in their field of interest. Their site contains titles recommended by users, featured stories and shows recently posted comments.

For the search of design features or rather any form of text that catches your imagination, one may use OneNote. This service is offered in a normal and a premium account which has more features i.e. a larger storage space is offered. The service offers both mobile and desktop services; the mobile service however needs special authentification for one to begin using it.
One can also keep in touch with important events happening in their vicinity via sites which keep tabs on what is happening in your states as well as showing updates of people attending these events from several online social sites. lets you configure your calendar using their site therefore scheduling your attendance in advance. You are able to know people in your network who are attending the event or follow the happenings from afar as you contribute to the update stream.

The MIT site also offers a range of good services for anyone interested in getting information in their field of interest. Educational courses on this site only require your participation and do not demand payment. The user is therefore able to gain exposure as they involve in innovative projects and sharing across cultures. This site offers virtual classrooms, notes and necessary tutorials for student’s use.